Main game species in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is considered the number 1 country for red deer hunting in Europe and has won 4 world records, including the current world record in trophies (273, 60 CIC points, 16, 2 kg.) The deer trophy with the biggest weight is 19.1 kg.
On average deer antlers weigh from 10 to 12 kg. In order to be successful hunting is recommended during the mating season- the rut, in the second half of September.
Big trophies can also be caught in December and January when there is enough of snow.
Very good hunting facilities are available in all hunting reserves. The hunter may therefore lie in wait at various locations in the reserve or stalk the deer. Highly recommended is hunting as follows: Stalk hunting - September, October, November; Bait hunting - 01.09. to 15.10 .; Stand hunting - September to January. 5- 6 hunting days. Trophy hunting: September 1 to January 31



The national trophy record (207, 59 CIC points) comes from the hunting reserve of Voden, Northeast Bulgaria. The mating season is in October. The hunting methods are stalking, bait hunting and still hunting. We recommend 4-5 hunting days. In many hunting reserves the hunt for fallow deer can be combined with hunting for red deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat and wolf. The big fallow deer reach up to 6.5 kg.
Trophy hunting: September 1 to January



For over 30 years Bulgaria has been considered the best country for wild boar hunting in Europe. The National trophy record (158, 20 CIC points, 27.10 cm.) currently holds 2nd place in the world rankings but it held the first place for more than 17 years, from 1986 to 2003. Excellent drive hunts are organized, but the individual hunting for wild boar is stongly recommended. The hunter can either lie in wait or stalk. Stalk hunting during the mating season (Nov./Dec.) can bring very good results.
The Bulgarian wild boar is known not only for its strong tusks (20 to 29 cm.), but also for its big body weight.
The best driven hunts are organized from October to the end of February for 3-4 hunting days, with 5-12 hunters.
Trophy hunting: all year



The National deer trophy record (189, 40 CIC points, 825 g.) comes from the reserve of Boljarka, situated in the Danube plain. The best reserves for deer hunting are in the north part of Bulgaria. Highly recommended is the hunt at the start of the hunting season – in May. Main hunting method is stalk - May, June and August; Bait hunting - August, September; stand hunting- May, June, September. 4-5 hunting days are recommended. The big trophies reach up to 500-650 g. The average trophy weight is 350-480 g. In the Rhodopes deer with trophies within 250-400 g. can be hunted. In many reserves the hunt can be combined with hunting for red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat, wood grouse or wolf.
Trophy hunting: May-June and September-October



The mouflon population in Bulgaria is represented in many hunting reserves, mainly in the Rhodope Mountains, in the south part of the country. The National record is 240.05 CIC points, & nbsp; 95, 6 cm. The average trophies vary from 70 cm to 98 cm. We recommend 4-5 hunting days. The hunt for mouflon can be combined also with hunt for red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, wild goat, capercaillie and wolf.
Trophy hunting: all year



The Balkan wild goat is widely distributed mainly in the Rhodope Mountains. The stalk hunting is easier here than anywhere else, due to the fact that the hunting grounds are situated at 900-2300 m. above sea level. The National record is (118, 50 CIC points). The females reach up to 90-95 CIC points, the males from 100 to 113 CIC points. We recommend 4-5 hunting days. The hunt can be successfully combined with hunt for wild boar, mouflon, roe deer, wood grouse and wolf.
Hunting Season - Male: April 10 - 10. May / December 1 to January 15
Female: September 15-October 31



Hunting Season: April 15 - May 15
The population of wood grouse in Bulgaria is well represented in the Rhodope Mountains. The main hunting method is morning stalk at dusk. At least 3 hunting days are necessary. The hunt can be combined with stalk hunting for roe deer or wild goat, or stand hunting for wild boar, mouflon and wolf.



Wolf, wild cat, jackal and fox are hunted throughout the whole year. We recommend stand hunting in winter when there is a lot of snow, stalk hunting in spring – May and drive hunts from October to February. The best time for wolf hunting is in February. Driven hunt for jackal and fox is also organized. The Wildcat World Record (Fur: 82, 99 CIC points) also comes from Bulgaria. The population of wolves, jackals and foxes increases annually. They are frequently shot by accident while hunting for other game species. Well organized targeted hunting for wolf, jackal and fox can bring very good results.



Our guests are extremely satisfied with the feathered game hunts. The hunting for quail and turtle dove officially begins on 15th of August. A catch of 20-80 pieces per hunter per day is not uncommon. The hunting for ducks and geese gives best results in December and January when it’s frosted. The south coast of Black Sea is famous for a good catch of woodcock. We organize excellent hunts for pheasant. The hunt can be combined with hunting for woodcock, partridge and quail.



Trophy hunting: all year



Trophy hunting: all year



Trophy hunting: all year



Trophy hunting: all year



Trophy hunting: all year